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Player Placed Items

Hey everyone! It's come up a few times where we've noticed it can be hard to keep track of what items characters are leaving in the cabinets and drawers of buildings for others to pick up in the case of emergency (or what have you). Up until now, the general consensus has been to state in a search request which items are being left. However, with this method there's no way for another character to claim that this item has been taken, as the more items that are left, the harder it is for us to maintain in a building's monthly spreadsheet. One or two items can be individually listed under a given building as they are left, but when building's items roll over, it's very difficult to keep track of which items are player left and should remain constant versus items that should be erased and replaced.

So, I've come up with this post as a solution! The idea of it is more-or-less the same as the Basic Item Availability post, minus the spreadsheet. The biggest difference here is that this will be completely player run. It's the responsibility of the player, when they decide to have their character leave an item, to note it here under the corresponding building. Likewise, if another player wishes to have their character take an item, simply to respond to that comment stating which items are being taken. In that way, this list should be completely self-sustaining, and probably eliminate a whole lot of confusion!

To sum it up, this is basically how it'll work:

A.) If your character is leaving an item or items, fill out the form provided below and paste it as a reply to the corresponding building's toplevel.

ITEMS LEFT: a list of the items being left inside of the building.
LOCATION OF ITEMS: Where in the building the items are being left. Remember, items left in houses like this must be placed in something akin to a cabinet or drawer; if they're left out they will disappear the next IC Day.

B.) If your character is taking an item or items, fill out the form provided below and paste it as a reply to the corresponding comment made by the character who left the items.

ITEMS TAKEN: a list of which items are being taken from the comment this is in response to.

And as a note: items left by other characters in a building don't have a cap or color-coded restrictions like those in the spreadsheet, so give and take at your own IC discretion!

I'd like to state again that I'm doing this purely out of interest of organization, and this isn't something that's going to be considered a moderator responsibility. This is just a personal project, and I hope that we can all work together to make the most use of it!


Jul. 7th, 2015 10:44 pm
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Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Ask first, please.
Fourthwalling: Ask first, please.
Offensive subjects: Everything's okay!

Hugging this character: Sure!
Kissing this character: Ask please! Normally I don't mind, but since he's so young, I'd like to be able to plot out how and why a kiss would happen (even though I'm expecting any kiss to be fairly chaste).
Flirting with this character: No, unless it's something exceptionally playful. Again, age. When in doubt, ask.
Fighting with this character: Sure!
Injuring this character: Sure!
Killing this character: Ask first, please!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, that's fine! I'd prefer to plot this out as well.
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This is Quark! Please leave me a message and I'll read it as soon as I can!


Aug. 7th, 2014 08:15 am
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How's My Driving?
Feel free to tell me how I'm doing!
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Name: Danielle
Contact: [plurk.com profile] ddsapphire
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name:v Quark
Age: 10
Canon: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Canon Point: Quark comes from the timeline in which he initially goes through the first chromatic door leading to the infirmary with Dio and Luna. After clearing that room and the first AB game, and talking to Sigma and K in the Crew Quarters about an article he found detailing Radical-6, he discovers a bomb. It's while he is running to tell the others of his discovery that he wakes up in the hospital.
Character Information: spoilers within

Personality: Most notably, Quark is your average child with a strange choice in headgear. He learned from his foster grandfather to be polite and respectful to those older than him—and for the most part, he has learned quite well. Though, being a child, he’ll only take a certain amount of patronizing or overall rude behavior before he voices his displeasure. Regardless of how he’s been taught to behave and how much he appreciates the knowledge that his grandpa has passed down to him (which you can be sure he’s absorbed like a sponge), Quark is first and foremost an impulsive and vocal youth. He won’t hesitate to interject his own ideas or opinions, despite how little he may actually know in regards to the conversation at hand. You’re sure to know what Quark thinks of you—because he has no reason to hide how he feels, and doesn’t quite understand the concept of “consequence” well enough yet to hold his tongue before blurting out something that may get him into trouble in the long run. His childlike naivety can also become evident at his exuberant willingness to trust someone simply because they are an adult. Unless someone proves themselves to be cruel, Quark will always assume that they’re trustworthy.

Unless you’re actively condescending to him, however, Quark treats everyone with an almost equal level of energy and friendliness. He tends to get excited about most things he doesn’t know much about (which is a lot of things, so it’s almost always excited about something), and is enthusiastic to learn new concepts and try to work them out as best as he can in his young mind. Of course, he doesn’t always come up with correct conclusions when handed a problem or a puzzle, but there’s always a genuine effort in his attempts to work through them. And, given his age, although simplified accordingly his musings tend to be surprisingly thoughtful.

Due to the fact that the setting Quark comes from is little more than a ruined wasteland of a planet, he’s been working with his grandfather as a sort of scavenger since he was six years old. He was quick to learn that most things have an inherent worth, and has only become more and more resourceful over the years. Even his hat is something he’s managed to fix together from items he’s picked up while working—as a means of hiding snacks inside of its large, hollow structure.

For all his initial charm and normality and bubbly exterior however, the longer one knows Quark, the harder it is to ignore that something…not quite right is hiding just underneath that exterior. It’s quite possible he isn’t fully aware of it himself—in fact, considering where he comes from, his eerie behavior would be considered perfectly acceptable. Equipped with an almost morbid sense of humor as well as a calm acceptance of death and poverty, it’s understandable to feel a bit unsettled by Quark’s subtle differences in behavior compared to a normal child. Especially when the subtleties start to surface more and more. This can be more than chalked up to a mild form of social incompetence where most worlds are concerned. Growing up in a world where the idea of a “family” is rare, to put it lightly, and a root beer float is considered an almost unaffordable luxury, Quark simply doesn’t see certain cynical behavior as being cynical. Can one truly blame him? It doesn’t help that he lives with a very bitter, lonely, and mildly-alcoholic old man, either.

5-10 Key Character Traits: clever, resourceful, polite, enthusiastic, sturdy, impulsive, opinionated, and naive.
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? Either!
Opt-Outs: merperson, kelpie

Roleplay Sample: test drive one and test drive two
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Chest Contents

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Player Information

Name: Danielle
Personal Journal: n/a
Age: Twenty
Contact Info: ddsapphire (plurk and tumblr), toothpasteandstuff (skype), FizzytheVampy31 (AIM)
Other Characters Played: [OU] Fon Master Ion (fragileprophet)

Character Information

Character Name: Quark
Character Series: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
Character Age: 10
Character Gender: male
Original Canon/Alternate Universe original video game canon
Here there be spoilers! )

Sample Entry:  one, two, three, four, five


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