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Player Placed Items

Player Placed Items

Hey everyone! It's come up a few times where we've noticed it can be hard to keep track of what items characters are leaving in the cabinets and drawers of buildings for others to pick up in the case of emergency (or what have you). Up until now, the general consensus has been to state in a search request which items are being left. However, with this method there's no way for another character to claim that this item has been taken, as the more items that are left, the harder it is for us to maintain in a building's monthly spreadsheet. One or two items can be individually listed under a given building as they are left, but when building's items roll over, it's very difficult to keep track of which items are player left and should remain constant versus items that should be erased and replaced.

So, I've come up with this post as a solution! The idea of it is more-or-less the same as the Basic Item Availability post, minus the spreadsheet. The biggest difference here is that this will be completely player run. It's the responsibility of the player, when they decide to have their character leave an item, to note it here under the corresponding building. Likewise, if another player wishes to have their character take an item, simply to respond to that comment stating which items are being taken. In that way, this list should be completely self-sustaining, and probably eliminate a whole lot of confusion!

To sum it up, this is basically how it'll work:

A.) If your character is leaving an item or items, fill out the form provided below and paste it as a reply to the corresponding building's toplevel.

ITEMS LEFT: a list of the items being left inside of the building.
LOCATION OF ITEMS: Where in the building the items are being left. Remember, items left in houses like this must be placed in something akin to a cabinet or drawer; if they're left out they will disappear the next IC Day.

B.) If your character is taking an item or items, fill out the form provided below and paste it as a reply to the corresponding comment made by the character who left the items.

ITEMS TAKEN: a list of which items are being taken from the comment this is in response to.

And as a note: items left by other characters in a building don't have a cap or color-coded restrictions like those in the spreadsheet, so give and take at your own IC discretion!

I'd like to state again that I'm doing this purely out of interest of organization, and this isn't something that's going to be considered a moderator responsibility. This is just a personal project, and I hope that we can all work together to make the most use of it!

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